wine tour - tasting

Wine is a finicky thing. Even after all the care that goes into it as the vines are tended, the grapes harvested and the wine made, fermented, aged, and bottled, it still needs to be treated with the utmost care. The slightest changes anywhere in the process – from vine planting to the wine hitting your palate – can impact and change the wine.

It is this extreme subtlety of course that makes wine such a wonderful thing. For the same reason that tiny changes can negatively impact wines, they can also benefit them immensely. No vintage is ever the same as any other. Even two rows of the same grapes in the same vineyard, just a few meters apart can impart widely different characteristics on a wine.

As aspiring oenophiles, we have come to learn that the two biggest dangers to wine are UV light and exposure to improper temperatures in the transport-to-serving chain. Because of this, we have been researching the best ways to keep wine cellared safely – from proper long-term storage, to finding the perfect temperature at which to serve wine to our guests. We hope you enjoy the results of our research: tips, tricks, and reviews of products and accessories to help serve the perfect glass of wine.