The Best Wine for People Who Don’t Like Wine

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Not everybody shares a love of complex wines, but that’s okay. We’ll give you some great options for the best wine for people who don’t like wine.

If you or a friend are looking to enjoy a bottle of wine although you don’t typically like wine, you came to the right place. I’m going to tell you about some of your best options on the market.

I’ll explain what style to go for then give you my top picks for sweet whites, reds, and safe bets for when you’re buying wine as a gift. Without further delay, let’s talk about the style of wines.

What Style to Go For

As you probably already know, wine comes in different styles, also known as varietals. As you ask a wine lover what type of wine they like, they can rattle off a dozen different identifiers and personalities of the wine.

For newer wine drinkers or people who don’t usually like wine, you should stick with sweeter options. A lot of people consider sweet wines to be the training wheels in the wine world that eventually prepare you for more complicated wine flavors.

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If someone describes a wine to you as “very complex” and “dry”, then there’s a good chance that as a beginner, you won’t like it. When people say that wine is an acquired taste, they’re being serious – and those two flavor descriptors are for people who have acquired the taste of wine.

There are sweet options for white and red wines, so try a both to see what appeals most to you. You’ll find across the board that whites typically have more sweet options than reds, but as you’ll see in the next section, red wines definitely have their fair share of sweet options.

List of Sweet Whites

If you have a preference when it comes to wines and you prefer whites, then this list will be perfect for you. I racked my brain and came up with a few options that I have had a lot of success suggesting to friends and family over the years.

Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling

Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling

Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling is a sweet white wine that tastes incredible. It’s a blended bottle and the fruit is the main taste in the profile.

The goal at Chateau Ste Michelle is to make a bottle that tastes flavorful and refreshing. This is technically considered a medium-dry Riesling, but I think it’s sweet enough for most people to enjoy.

It has a level of acidity that helps balance and offset some of the sweetness so you don’t feel like you’re drinking juice.

Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling

Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling

Next up is the Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling. This option is definitely fruity and sweet, and a lot of wine rookies really like it. You’ll taste peach, honey, and pineapple in this really bright option. The word I think of when I think of this bottle is “bright”.

It tastes really airy and crisp, and I think it’s a good bet for anyone looking to experience whites.

Cavit Moscato

Cavit Moscato

Cavit Moscato is a really popular sweet white wine. A lot of people new to the wine world get suggested (and hooked) on this kind of wine. The Cavit is an Italian-style option that is more balanced and has an overall better taste profile than many sweet whites.

Moscatos in general are a really common type of wine, and they’re known for being sweeter than other variations.

List of Sweet Reds

Next, let’s take a look at some sweet reds that might introduce you to the world of wine.

Cupcake Red Velvet Wine

Cupcake Red Velvet Wine

Be prepared for sweetness when you open Cupcake Red Velvet Wine. I suggest this bottle to people who have a serious sweet tooth. It has a decent amount of sugar which often overpowers the “wine taste” that people don’t like.

Cupcake Red Velvet is really easy to drink, with a silky flavor. It goes down smooth and you’ll notice a tiny kick of acidity at the end. In my opinion, this does a great job of balancing the flavor and making sure that the sweetness isn’t overbearing.

Chocolate Shop Chocolate Red Wine

Chocolate Shop Chocolate Red Wine

This is a fun option to try out. The Chocolate Shop Chocolate Red Wine has a lot of familiar flavors and tastes that will introduce you nicely to the wine world.

This is a great option for beginners because it’s really smooth and it’s sweet enough without being overbearing. The alcohol content is at 12.5% so it definitely packs a punch. The color looks really pretty too so there’s a lot to love in this bottle.

Safe Bets When Gifting Wines

When you’re gifting wine, here are some safe bets, especially if the recipient doesn’t have a go-to bottle or you’re not sure what types of wine they like in general.

Primal Roots Red Blend

Primal Roots Red Blend

Primal Roots Red Blend is a really approachable wine. It’s not super sweet, and it’s not really dry. It’s one of the easier bottles to drink and it’s a red blended wine.

The flavor profile puts the fruit in the front so you’ll get a really nice wave of it before the rest hits the back of your mouth. It’s got an overall soft and gentle taste that still comes across as pretty complex.

New Age Red Blend

New Age Red Blend

New Age Red is the bottle I suggest to a lot of people. It only has 6% alcohol which means there’s less of an alcohol taste in the bottle. That translates to a bottle that doesn’t taste strongly of wine.

What you’ll taste is a lot of sweet and fruit. They did a great job of putting together this bottle, and it’s an amazing pick if you’re not sure what the recipient is looking for – especially if they aren’t a big wine drinker. This is one of the safest bets on the market.

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