Update: Danby 51 Bottle Silhouette Select Wine Cooler

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The Danby Silhouette Select 51-Bottle wine refrigerator is no longer widely available. Our replacement choice is the Danby DWC036A1BSSDB-6 36-Bottle Cooler:

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For the uncompromising wine lover, proper wine storage is a must. A free standing wine cooler can look awkward and out of place in many homes. Because of this, many serious wine drinkers go with a built-in under-counter cooler when they build their home bar or remodel their kitchen.

The 51-bottle Silhouette Select is one option for oenophiles who want to have it all.

The Danby Silhouette Select

The Silhouette Select DWC153BLSST is a dual zone wine cooler that will look at home under the counter in any modern kitchen. Both zones have a temperature range of 39-64 degrees, so red wine lovers can fill the larger zone with reds and still set their desired temperature.

Any wine collection will look beautiful under the white LED track lighting system, and unlike incandescent bulbs, they don’t generate additional heat. Roller-glide wooden shelves trimmed in stainless steel make for smooth opening and closing when replacing bottles, or choosing the perfect vintage for any occasion.

Any wine connoisseur can rest assured that their prized collection will stay safe in the Silhouette Select. The cooler’s all black interior mimics a real wine cellar. And the Low E tinted glass door protects the wines from harmful UV rays, as well as making the unit more energy efficient. The cooler even features an audible alarm that sounds if the temperature drops or the door is left ajar.

Danby has been a trusted manufacturer of small appliances since 1947. They back up the Silhouette Select with a two year warranty.

What you get

The Silhouette Select is for the discerning consumer who won’t compromise on quality in their built-in wine cooler. Danby promises a lot, and in the Silhouette Select they deliver. Buyers are in near- total agreement in their praise.

The company made the unit fully customizable to avoid the small annoyances that come with less expensive wine coolers. The door adjusts for left or right side opening – a must-have feature in built-in appliances. The LED track lighting can be turned off, set on a delay, or left on indefinitely.

There are few drawbacks to this built-in wine cabinet. Although the Low E tinted glass and magnetic gasket seals should keep the cooler tightly sealed, the unit does not have an ENERGY STAR certification. It also does not have a security lock which may be important to people who have young children (or teenagers). Still, the overall attention to detail has impressed nearly all Silhouette Select owners.


Silhouette Select buyers are nearly unanimous in their love for the product. Searching high and low reveals no negative reviews. Users have found it comes as advertised, runs quietly, keeps bottles at the desired temperature, and is an all-around well-built wine cooler.

One buyer did find the shelves to be a bit flimsy, but others thought they flexed by design but were sturdy. They are made from wood, but the manufacturer claims this is to reduce vibration when opening and closing the drawers, and stocking new bottles.

The slots for each bottle are big enough to take larger bottle sizes, but one row cannot take only larger bottles. Buyers may have to mix and match to get everything to fit, but most wine collectors should be able to fill the cooler to its 51 bottle capacity.

Someone who tends to buy a lot of the same type of wine may find the space limited. A collection consisting entirely of the low-shouldered Burgundy bottles typical of pinot noirs, chardonnays and French Burgundies will find space constraints in the Silhouette Select.

Another point of agreement from all reviews is the Silhouette Select’s attractiveness. The digital display, white LED track lights, tempered and tinted glass and all black exterior give a modern chic look that lends an air of class to any kitchen. A few users even find it looks great as a stand-alone unit.


For uncompromising wine lovers and collectors, a higher price tag is inevitable to avoid the drawbacks of less expensive wine coolers and cabinets. A top-of-the-line unit must feature dual-zone climate control, where both zones have fully adjustable temperatures. It must be attractive, and it must offer a degree of customization. The Silhouette Select delivers on all counts. Oenophiles looking for a built-in wine cooler for under the counter use in their kitchen will be thrilled with the all-around quality of the Silhouette Select.

The Danby Silhouette Select 51-Bottle wine refrigerator is no longer widely available. Our replacement choice is the Danby DWC036A1BSSDB-6 36-Bottle Cooler:

Featured image by Dirk Wohlrabe from Pixabay

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